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AVSRC Stadium









For the 50th Anniversary of Auroville there was some development to be done in the sports complex at New Creation. The clients, AVSRC (Auroville sports resource center) planned to cover the existing basketball court with a light structure to convert it into an all-weather multipurpose indoor stadium. The main concern while designing the structure was the budget constraint and the cyclonic winds which the site is prone to.

This directed us to come up with this aerodynamic asymmetric arch-shaped structure giving sufficient protection from the South-Eastern high-speed winds. Six numbers of curved metal trusses placed along the longer side of the basketball court form the main structure with another set of trusses connecting the mainframes to form a space frame, this space frame rests on round metal columns, factory curved corrugated metal sheet is used for roofing.

For storing the equipment and other material there are 3 store rooms and 2 locker rooms for the players below the steps used as spectator stands. There are 4 entrances to the stadium two for guests and spectators, 1 entrance for players and 1 emergency exit. Gallery on the western side of the court is used for warm up, gymnastics and for seating during tournaments.

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