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Green rich office









The renovation project for the Green Avenues office space is an exciting endeavor aimed at creating an inviting and productive work environment for the real estate company. The site is located on the 6th floor of a commercial building, offering stunning views of both the surrounding mountains and the bustling concrete jungle.

The existing layout of the space is an open hall with low ceilings and beams in exposed concrete, which have been maintained to preserve the character of the original space. A new metal roof construction is added to the terrace, providing an ideal space for meetings and relaxation, allowing a more informal connect with the clients.

The interiors of the office space have been designed to create a warm and subtle ambiance that reflects the companies ethos. The use of materials like natural wood finishes, micro concrete flooring, glass etc and soft color palettes adds to the elegant look of the space, creating a comfortable atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.

To enhance productivity and create an efficient workflow, the new office design includes designated areas for individual work, team collaboration, and client meetings. The layout has been thoughtfully planned to optimize the use of space and to ensure a functional work environment.

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