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Kabir Interiors








Auromode, Auroville

The interior design project aims to renovate the apartment of Mr. Sahadev, a poet, and create an artistic, warm, and cozy vibe that reflects his art collection and personality. Mr. Sahadev's merged 2 studio apartments with a big covered terrace and the site is located in Auromode, Auroville. These 2 studio appartments are divided into public and private zones.

The design concept focuses on creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere that evokes a sense of warmth and coziness as the client regularly hosts gatherings for recitals, music and other art forms which calls for a creative environment. The living room is transformed into a cozy and comfortable space with traditional elements like a free standing wooden column in the middle of the room and featuring a comfortablefurniture and beautiful rugs. The walls are adorned with Mr. Sahadev's art collection, including paintings and sculptures.

The second studio becomes the private quarter with a small kitchen, dining and living area along with a bedroom. The theme of wall paintings, colorful art and sculptures continues throughout the space. Both the private and living spaces open to a common covered terrace with a view of the forest

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