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MNIT Jaipur Entrance









Competition 2021 - short listed

Various landmarks and architectural marvels of Jaipur city were the inspiration for this design. The variety of design languages of old and new buildings led to these various forms, defining how an entrance of MNIT could be. The idea was to unite the magnanimity of the old temples, forts, gateways etc. to the lightness of the modern design language.

  • Monumental Scale of the two towers makes the campus clearly visible from the highway

  • The vertical towers mark a strong barrier, while the horizontal curved slab hovering above the cubes lets you pass softly underneath

  • The separate cubes create a strong rhythm and the four arches an archetypal reminiscence of the traditional Gateways of Jaipur, while the wide span of the inverted arch of the slab is a modern gesture, appropriate for a technical university

  • The red sandstone as main facade material is another element rooting the gate in its context of Rajasthan

  • The Gate steps away from the street to give space for a public plaza

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