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Villa green 91









Villa Green is an interior design project located in Hyderabad, India. The project involves expanding an existing villa while adhering to restrictions on changing the facade. The client is a family of four who wanted a more spacious and airy home with private and public living spaces.

The original villa had two bedrooms on the ground floor, a dining area, living room, and kitchen, with two additional bedrooms on the first floor and an open terrace. The new design reimagined the interior to provide private living spaces, open dining areas, and a master suite. The first floor was remodelled to accommodate two children's bedrooms with a shared toilet, a guest bedroom, and a Pooja room that opens onto a large covered terrace.The ground and first floor are connected through a cutout to provide a visual and spatial connection between the two floors. The second floor was added to accommodate a spacious home theatre/party room and a home office.

Each floor has its own unique character while still being in sync with the others.The interior style of the villa is minimal, with neutral tones and a material palette that includes traditional elements such as wooden columns and beams, spiritual artwork etc. The design is intended to complement the villa's existing facade while still providing a fresh and modern feel to the interior.

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