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Vrindavan Farmhouse








Aliabad, Hyderabad

The Vrindavan Farmhouse is situated in a small pretty village in the wider periphery of Hyderabad. The five acre plot with one family outhouse, staff quarter and farming land gets remodeled to a small nature and forest resort for larger family gatherings, workshops, celebrations and staycations. 

The center piece is a luxurious courtyard house with three bedrooms and a large living room, overlooking the land and the newly planted forest. The existing house in the south east gets remodeled and expanded to three bedrooms. A Hall with ancillary rooms opposite to the farmhouse serves for celebrations, performances and workshops. Two to five 1BHK guesthouses will extend the capacity of the property over time. The rest of the plot will be extensively landscaped with a dense forest, several pathways, two ponds connected by small stream, artistic landmarks and occasions to sit and relax.

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